Stress-free Christmas

How many Christmas parties shall we attend over the Christmas season?

1? 5? 10? For the last few years I’ve decided to spend my Christmas time in my own terms. In my new world, Just because I am invited to a Christmas party it doesn’t mean I have to actually attend.

Tip on how to decide whether you go to a Christmas party or not:

Seat in a meditative state and imagine you are already there, in that certain location you already know with the people you know will be there. Check how you feel, do you feel comfortable? do you feel relaxed? are you having a good time? or you will be there just to check in and do the “right thing”?

Once you have accessed the wisdom of your heart, you don’t need to stress about making a decision anymore. You got the confirmation you needed. Usually when you have a doubt, it is because you don’t feel keen to go there from the first instant when you have been invited. Your body, which is you beyond thought and emotion, knew straight away. It is only your mind which evaluates over and over count pros and cons.

How much shall we spend on presents for Christmas?

So many Christmas presents become “unwanted gifts” and a waste of time, money, energy and Earth resources. My suggestion would be to give small but meaningful gifts to people you care for in your life. The time you think for the best present idea for a person and the time spent to buy and wrap the present are already presents from you, in the form of energy and time you spent, which are actually already very valuable, even before you gave the present away. Make sure you make the present preparation time joyful and pleasant for yourself first. That will fill the actual present with high vibration energy.

Christmas can be instead the time we give generously to charity. That would make a real difference in someone’s life and may bring much happiness and joy in someone’s day.

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