– for body, mind and spirit –

Choose the best  Holistic Reflexology Session in the area, for holistic well-being, through hands-on feet therapy. 


–  Get rid of toxins;

– Improve your energy level;

– Reduce and control pain in your body;

– Support restful sleep;

– Increase creativity and productivity;

– Balance your body, mind and spirit..

Experience Holistic Reflexology enhanced by diluted essential oils and Reiki energy channeled.

Enjoy the benefits of Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Reiki energy combined. Give yourself or to a loved one the gift of relaxation for further vitality and a sense of wellbeing.


– 23 min drive from Millwater Northen Motorway Exit or

– 23 min drive from Kaukapakapa.

Mother nature will embrace you here with its pure, loving, high vibrational energy, supporting you to FIND THE HEALING AND THE ANSWERS YOU ARE SEEKING FOR.

Healing Humble
Life Light NZ Location

What to expect from your Reflexology Session

Based on your preference and weather permitted, we will set up the session out in nature or inside our cozy studio.


We will have a preliminary discussion where you have the chance to express your goals and intention for the reflexology session, followed by you laying comfortably on a massage table with adjustable position form sitting down to laying, based on your preference again.

Diana, your therapist, will gently connect with your energy field through feet and will start channeling the Reiki energy, which will keep flowing during the entire reflexology session.

We will enter than into the actual reflexology routine, when up to 15 reflexology techniques will be performed, based on your session’s goals, based on what your feet express and also based on what Diana gets as guided intuition as needed for your highest good.

The diluted essential oils will also be chosen based on your goals for the reflexology session and based on Diana’s intuition, for your body, mind and spirit needs.

At the end of the session we will have a close-up discussion when you have the chance to ask any questions, give feedback and hear Diana’s insights. You will also look at a reflexology map and link highlighted areas on your feet to certain organs or areas of your body.

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