Reiki Share Group

– for our Body, Mind and Spirit –

  Give and Receive Reiki Healing –

– Connect with the Reiki Energy –

– Share with Like-Minded Fellows –

The Fairy Queen


73 Mick Dillon Road, 0873, Makarau, Auckland


If there is no Reiki Share Group Event scheduled, as below, please don’t hesitate to enquire.

What to bring?

Comfortable clothes, water bottle, yoga mat, an open heart 

Reiki Share Group Space

This Reiki Share Group has been leaven up in my heart for a long time and now all the energies and circumstances aligned for it to manifest, which I’m really grateful for. 

My intention is to offer the opportunity and hold the space for Reiki practitioners to be with each others, share their journey, ask questions, elevate each other’s vibration, have powerful group meditations, learn and have precious insight moments.

An additional purpose of our Reiki Support Group is to make myself, as a Reiki teacher, available for my Usui Reiki students who may miss their teacher’s guidance, especially on their early days of practice.., but not limited too. We all go through phases in our lives when we feel low and we would greatly appreciate a kind or inspired words to help us change perspective and get back onto our greatness.

Please feel free to bring along anyone who would be genuinely interested (from their heart), regardless whether they are trained/attuned in Reiki or not. Your whole experience may be enhanced by sharing it with a friend. 🙂

Anytime weather permitted we will gather out in nature, in our orchard sanctuary or under a minimal shelter if necessary. Indoor healing studio is also available for those chill or stormy days. In case there is interest, we can share the space online via Zoom.

Energy exchange: Koha.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Please feel free to propose spiritual/Reiki related subjects your are interested in and we may be able to include them in our gathering topics.

For organizing purpose, I would kindly ask for people to express in advance their intention to join a specific session of the Reiki Share Group.

In gratitude and service,
Diana M.

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