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Bring your Reiki skills to completion! 

Level 3 – Reiki Master is for those who wish to extend their healing abilities and go deeper into their practice, and perhaps become a Reiki teacher themselves.

Japanese Reiki Spelling

Upcoming dates:

Please express your interest and we will co-create the event. 

Level 3 Reiki Master Workshop


In this workshop course: 

  • you will learn to use the two Reiki Master symbols: traditional and modern. 
  • you will learn how to teach and attune others in all 3 levels of the Reiki Healing System. 
  • You will receive the Reiki Master Attunement and leave with a Reiki Master Level 3 Practitioner Certificate.
  • You will explore the meaning and the intent of Reiki at a deeper, esoteric level.
  • You will get trained and empowered in how to organizing efficient and successful Reiki workshops. 

Included is a handout of all the information presented. 

You must have completed Reiki Level 1 & 2  prior to this course, either with Diana Maties or with another Reiki Master.

Diana Maties, your host and teacher, is a Reiki Master, active Reiki Practitioner and Psychic Reader. She has an intuitive style of teaching, flexible on her students’ needs and therefore easy to assimilate.

Vegetarian/vegan Morning tea, lunch and light refreshments provided. 

Bring your inspirational notebook if you wish or create one with this occasion.

Investment: $333 
Account name: Crystal Place
Account number: 03-1528-0084040-000 

Phone: 021 264 28 21 

Reiki Training Graduates
Reiki Practice during Reiki Workshop

About the Reiki Course:

“Loved my Reiki training course with Diana. Her passion & intuitive style of teaching is very easy to absorbe. The morning tea & lunch she provided ware delicious.

I would highly recommend to all who are interested.”

About the Attunement experience:

“There was a big golden blob floating in front of my third eye like in a Lava lamp. Then I felt your presence in front of me & a large white feather was fluttering / floating in my vision It felt very calming. My spirit guides always show their presence to me with feathers but never seen an all whiter whispery one before.”

Dianne Dixon