Diana Maties

Diana Maties

Co-founder of Life Light NZ, REIKI Master, Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, Energy Reader, Certified Aromatherapist and Certified Aroma-touch Massage Therapist etc.

,ee   in inlyDiana’s introduction:

After experiencing who I truly am, I don’t actually like to define myself by my certificates, achievements or any other labels.  What I prefer to say instead is that, during our session, I will be there, present for you with all that I AM, my awareness, energy and my gifts.

I offer support on one’s inner journey with passion, love and compassion for the person in front of me and immense gratitude to Spirit, for always providing what is mostly needed, in our healing sessions.

According to numerology and astrology my energy field expresses into this world the quality of the “old, wise healer”.. This innate trace of who I am explains my calling to support others on their spiritual path of self realization, returning home, and remembering our divine nature.. which leads to the end of suffering and liberation.

Another aspect of my energy field is GENTELNESS. It manifests in the way I channel the Reiki energy and in the way I receive and share the insights during the healing session, always in a gentle and positive manner. The non-judgmental approach comes from beyond the dualistic mind,  from a deeper level, where you can  completely trust that everything is in perfect, divine-orchestrated order.

♥  ♥  ♥

In regards to the energy readings I share, I always encourage my clients to take in my insights through their own hearts and only get the messages they resonate with, not because they are told so, but only if they choose to at this stage. A “real” reading feels like your own wisdom brought to the surface of your consciousness by your helper. You may experience your own deep wisdom coming up to the surface of your consciousness and you recognizing it as purely yours.

There may be cases when a person doesn’t feel ready to hear it all or take it all in, which is also fine. In these cases, Spirit will share as little as someone can take at this stage, for their highest good. The insights may stay with you for later integration and make sense at the right time on your path. 

When not sure, don’t do anything, take the time to create space in your mind for your wisdom to come forth.)

♥  ♥  ♥

My work is based on a few pivotal beliefs, which you may be interested to hear before connecting:

The first one is that: it is not “me”, the little “I” who does the energy work, channeling, reading. I am well aware I am only the conduit for Spirit to allow healing to take place in you

The second one is that: the ability and the potential for your healing is in yourself, not in me, I just hold space for you to rediscover/remember/connect with your power. I, as clear channel for Spirit, help you raise your own vibration, which will bring about a shift in your perception of yourself and the word around you. (A very commune effect from a Reiki session with me is that anything can happen in the external world and you will still be/feel peaceful inside.)

My third belief is that: my role is to empower my clients through wisdom based on love, not fear.

– I follow this principle by not imposing any sense of constrain that you may have to follow the insights I share with you.

– Also, I don’t see myself superior to you in any way, I listen and I don’t judge, I won’t make you feel bad/wrong/not enough in any way;

– I don’t promote a sense of dependency onto me, as your “healer”, neither insist on having more healing sessions than you feel drawn to have.

♥  ♥  ♥

This is a statement that came to me in a deep meditation and I will share it with you:

I am a hu-man being, no more and no less than anyone else, seeking to experience in this life time and beyond.”  And I am, just like you, on my journey of self-discovery and returning back home to Source.  

If my beliefs resonate with you, then I’m looking forward to connect with you. Vibration resonance is the best compass to follow. So, quiet the mind and see what is left there after all the noise and the internal chatter subsides. You may recognize your intuition as one, strong, clear yet gentle knowing waiting for you to follow it in action.   

We all grow and heal together as we are One.

In love, gratitude and service!

Diana M.  

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