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Reiki Energy Healing Session 



Choose Life Light NZ for your Reiki Energy Healing session in Auckland region, NZ

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In a few words

REIKI healing is one of the best ways for deep relaxation and connection to source energy.

You can benefit from Reiki Therapy in infinite ways, depending on your individual needs and your willingness to trust and receive.

Allow yourself to fall into a state of deep relaxation and connection to source energy. Treat your trauma, pain and more. 

The power of Reiki or how it works cannot be explained in words, it can only be experienced.

Book with us for a magical Reiki Session, in rural Auckland NZ.

Reiki Benefits

Our Location

73 Mick Dillon Rd, 0873 Makarau, Auckland

or The Connection, Silverdale

Life Light NZ Location

– 23 min drive from Millwater Northen Motorway Exit or

– 23 min drive from Kaukapakapa.

Mother nature will embrace you with its pure, loving, high vibrational energy,


If you wish so, you are more than welcome to spend extra time here after your healing session for meditation, yoga, sun bath, bird watching, walk in the orchard or by the river.

This time may help you with integration of the healing energy and guidance you have received and activated during your session.

Healing Humble

What to expect from your Reiki healing session?

During the Reiki session you will only need to relax and be open to receive and allow the healing power of sourse energy.

You will comfortably lay on a massage table, while your Reiki practitioner assists to restore a normal flow of spiritual energy. To resolve issues with energy flow, Diana holds her hands over your body or in gentle contact with your energetic body.  You will be fully clothed and covered.

Your Reiki therapist, will channel the healing Reiki energy, which will go wherever you need it most at a holistic level: body, mind and spirit.
You will feel the healing energy as heat, coldness, pressure or as other sensations. Your best approach would be to relax and allow the healing energy do its work.

You may fall into a state of deep relaxation and connection to sourse energy. Diana will be able to connect to your energetic field and get insights of stagnant energies at body, emotional and mental level. You may recognize those messages as coming from your most profound wise self , which is your Higher Self. 

Diana, your Reiki therapist is a Level 3 Reiki Master, Teacher and Practitioner, passionate about helping others living a happier, more fulfilled life.

Kindly find more info on how to prepare for your energy healing session here:

Reiki Healing Light

What is REIKI? 

Reiki is a wellness treatment option that originated in Japan and focuses on harnessing the power of spiritual energy. The goal of treatment is to promote healing in the body and improve the balance of energy by dealing with any blockages or disturbances in the flow of the client’s “chi” or “ki” energy.

This energy healing method is dating back many thousands of years before Christ and Buddha. The original name, disciplines and techniques of Reiki were lost due to the traditional method of passing knowledge from generation to generation by word of mouth. It was rediscovered by a Japanese Scholar and monk named Dr. Mihao Usui who is considered the founder of modern Usui Reiki System.

Rei means universal, omnipresent - present everywhere at the same time. Esoterically, Rei means spiritual consciousness, the omniscient wisdom from God or the higher self.

Ki means life force. It is the non-physical vitality that gives life to all living things.

Many cultures understand and recognize the importance of KI energy and how it impacts our lives and well-being.

Ki energy can be activated for the purpose of healing. When you feel healthy and full of enthusiasm, the flow of Ki energy in your body is high and unencumbered. Life seems easier to deal with and you have a higher resilience to illness and disease.

However, when your Ki energy is low because maybe you are under stress or feeling unhappy and tired you will be more susceptible to disease and sickness. Your attitude will be generally negative and you will find it difficult to deal with life's challenges. Ki is the very essence of your Soul; it leaves the body when a person dies.

Book with us for a magical Reiki Session in rural Auckland, NZ.

If you can’t find the perfect timing for you in our booking system, please inquire and we will make it happen 🙂 .

 Please see the testimonials below for our clients’ feedback.

Reiki was the only healing therapy able to help me. I used to see dark-side spirits which troubled me..After my Reiki healing session and training with Diana I see those spirits only as flashing lights passing by. I don’t get scared anymore and they can’t attach to me.

I’m so greatful for the spiritual transformation I’ve gone through recently, since Reiki came into my life.


During my first Reiki Session with Diana I felt into a deep state of relaxation like never before in my life. I felt like I was litterarly floating in the deep, vaste ocean of energy.

On my second Reiki session my third eye chakra opened. I felt it like a black smoke coming down and off. Diana also felt the energy exploding around my forehead.

Reiki is indeed magical and I’m looking forward to my next Reiki sessions.

Wendy Selwyn

“Hi Diana, thank you so much for today :). Appriciate you so much and the wise wisdom you provide me every time I see you. I always walk away learning somethig new and feeling I am on the right path. The awakening journey I have had you made it so much easier and made me learn so many wonderful things and grow my love for others and myself. THANK YOU!”

Carmen N.

“The best investment I’ve done for myself this year. I will come back for sure.” 

Teodora Bucutea

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