Holistic aromatherapy massage

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Book your aromatherapy relaxation massage in Northern Auckland NZ for an ultimate relaxation package.

Fill your body with a peaceful yet joyful vitality.

Aromatherapy Massage


– 23 min drive from Millwater Northen Motorway Exit or

– 23 min drive from Kaukapakapa.

Mother nature will embrace you here with its pure, loving, high vibrational energy, supporting you to FIND THE HEALING AND THE ANSWERS YOU ARE SEEKING FOR.

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 What to expect from your aromatherapy massage session?

During the massage session, your therapist, Diana Maties, will look for tensioned areas mainly on the back, shoulders, neck, feet, arms and hand and especially on areas you mentioned during pre-assessment. We apply various massage techniques and personalized essential oils to help release muscular tension, negative emotions and stagnant energy. 

The massage technique used has been based on aroma-touch technique developed by dr. David Hill, one of doTERRA company founders, over a 7 years period of refinement. 

We have improved the aroma-touch massage technique with thai massage technique to help ease muscle tensions and stiffness and also specific aromatherapy techniques. 

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 Aromatouch is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along the energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body.

Essential oils are a great gift from nature to us, capable to heal our body, mind and spirit.

Each massage session is tailored on the client’s needs and preferences in terms of areas that need more attention or should be avoided, massage pressure, essential oils used etc. based on a prior discussion and massage consent form.

During the aroma-touch massage we:

  • Use a selection of therapeutic grade essential oils applied diluted on the skin for stress-relief, muscle relaxation, immune support, for reducing inflammation response in the body and for uplifted mood and energy level.
  • Perform tissue pull always away from spine where viruses and bacteria tend to stuck
  • Perform massage technique along the 5 energy meridians of the body present on the back, feet and hands always upwards, up to the crown of the head to help the body release tension and negative emotions.
  • Activate the lymphatic system responsible for carrying the immunity white blood cells through the body.

The massage technique and the essential oils also help the body detox. It is advisable to drink plenty of water after the massage session for detox support.

The aroma-touch massage is suitable equally as a morning or afternoon/evening session. After a morning session, you will feel relaxed yet energized and in a better mood. After an evening session, you will feel relaxed and ready for a tranquil evening and a great night sleep.

The aroma-touch massage brings a profound sense of relaxation at a holistic level, positively impacting the body, mind and spirit.

A unique, must try massage experience.

Some of the essential oils we use diluted for massage.

Can you imagine the fragrance? 🙂

All our clients loved the massage and we have a high rate of returning customers. Please see the testimonials below for their feedback.

“Diana is a lovely warm person who is passionate about helping others healing, connect with their higher selves, and feel relaxed. She is super flexible for busy people like me and even comes to my house. Diana instantly puts me in a deeply relaxed, restorative space where the amazing plant based, essential oils combined with her REIKI energy, amplifiés the healing process. I highly recommend her services. With Xmas coming up, this is a great way to share a loving experience with your loved ones”

Lauren Claire James

“Thank you very much for the massage. It was the most relaxing massage I have ever had. You have a special energy and I love it!”
Anca Savu

“Very effective treatement! Feels like any existing disease is disappearing from your body and simultaniusly all bad thoughts are getting out of your head”
Ovidiu Savu

“Great energy and care for us! Thank you for your lovely service. I had aromatherapy massage during labour. Is helped me a lot to stay focus and it reduced pain. Xx”
Hiriczko Kinga

5 stars + for the quality and high professionalism
Andrei Irina

“The best investment I’ve done for myself this year. I will come back for sure.” 
Teodora Bucutea

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