About  Life Light New Zealand

Whether you look for Reiki healing, Holistic Aromatherapy massage or aromatherapy products you are in the right place.

A company's values make a significant difference in the quality of service and product advice you get, so it is worth it to check ours on this page.

        * The therapist has to be present in the moment and dedicated to his/her work

The therapist needs to be present and involved in her/his work not only physically and mentally but also emotionally, manifesting care and compassion for his/her client. The strong sense of presence is a key ingredient for a quality massage session.

* Passion

Here, at Life Light New Zealand passion is the essential ingredient that makes our services outstanding. We are passionate about making other people’s days and lives happier, more relaxed yet energized and positive. By working with passion we produce results because we don't self-sabotage ourselves in order to redirect our lives in a direction we deeply desire. When you work with passion everything seems easy because you tap into the ocean of pure energy, not the mental and physical energy which are limited.

        * Integrity

The other key ingredient in Life Light New Zealand’s philosophy is integrity. Integrity refers to being reliable, keeping your word, doing your best at work in a professional and high-quality standard manner, but not only that. For us, integrity also refers to always acting in alignment with our beliefs and ideals. Acting from a state of integrity creates harmony and workability for both clients and us.

         * We are in the service of others

After years on a quest, we discovered our own way to fulfillment and interior happiness in having a vision bigger than our own ego, a vision that impacts others’ well-being and happiness.  We are here for and at the service of others through the power of essential oils and stress-relief massage. 

A few words about Diana Maties, founder of Life Light New Zealand.

Diana is a certified aroma-therapist and certified aroma-touch therapist, passionate about her work.

She has the gift of being present in the moment during the massage session not only physically and mentally, but also emotionally. This gift along with the power of essential oils allow her to connect with her client’s higher-self and bring to the surface a message from the inner wisdom of the massage receiver which all of us carry inside.

“I love and respect essential oils and I would love to hear from you. We don’t meet for no reason and I will be at your service with all my heart.”

With love and a big hug,

Diana Maties

                                                                                   This song inspired Life Light New Zealand‘s name